Sacred Heart School
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56 Purchase St. East Providence, RI 02914
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Sacred Heart School
56 Purchase Street
East Providence RI 02914
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(401) 434-1080

8:20 am - 2:35 pm EST

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Special Programs

Our Library

The Library is an open book.

With about 3,400 titles, many published in this century, there are plenty of quality fiction and picture books for leisure reading, K-Gr. 5.

Students can also research History, Biography, Geography, Science and Social topics with many recent Non Fiction titles.

Donations of books, usually in memory of a loved one, have been added to the collection and are ready to be checked out.

The fifth graders participate in the Rooster Games, in which they read at least 8 of 20 books nominated for the Rhode Island Children’s Book Award. In the spring, St. Margaret School fifth graders will compete with Sacred Heart for friendly challenges based on those books.

Last year's Grade 5 did a great job in the Rooster Games, so we're hoping for the same…or better this year.

Art Classes

Classes in Art this year will include explorations with pencils, crayons, paints, pastels, clays, and inks. Students will learn new techniques with products including mixing different products to create art. They will be exposed to new art forms and the works of various artists. Students will also be expected to share their art with the community.~ Mrs. Amaral

Computer Classes

Hello, my name is Mrs. JoAnne LaPietra and I have been teaching the technology/computer class at Sacred Heart School for over 10 years.

We do many fun and educational lessons in technology class. I have the opportunity to see every student from grades K-8 one hour every other week. We learn everything from proper keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Internet Safety, etc. In the lower elementary we integrate technology to help learn our letters, sounds, numbers, etc. In the upper grades, focus is placed more on keyboarding, making documents in Microsoft Word, making slideshows in PowerPoint, designing charts on Excel and learning how to use the computer and Internet safely. I have been collaborating with the classroom teachers to find fun ways to integrate technology into the classrooms. We work on projects, reports, poems, spelling words, math, etc.

We use all kinds of technology tools to help our students get the most out of each and every school day. Access to wireless Internet and multiple printers is provided throughout the school.  Sacred Heart also has subscriptions to many valuable websites for our students to use. Every classroom has an interactive projector installed. The classroom teachers find it extremely valuable for their everyday lessons.

I am hoping that you enjoyed your tour of Sacred Heart School and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at

Thank you for visiting our wonderful school!

Physical Education

Sacred Heart School’s Physical Education program is designed to promote physical fitness, to teach various skills and to develop good sportsmanship. Also, it instills in the students a desire to be physically active in their current lives, and in the future.

Music Program

The Sacred Heart School Music Program (K-8) includes a general education which stresses learning music through performance. The areas of performance include keyboard, recorder, along with the new addition of guitar this academic year. All students learn to read music with voice being the primary application.